Why Don't You Love Me ?


mommy, mommy, don't let me go.

I wanna see the world
and know everything you know.
I wanna see the world
the way it is today.
I wanna see the world
before it goes away.
one day, I may very well cure a disease.
please don't keep, this dream from me.
I want a chance to breath the air.
I want a chance, now mommy, this isn't fair.
I want to feel love, sadness, and hate.
I want my own name, life, and fate.
I don't ask for much, just to survive.
I want to open my eyes, and know I'm alive.
I want to change the future to make a better place.
I wanna be able to see your beautiful face.
wake up each morning and live another day.
and someday dig the hole of my grave.
so mommy, you hold my life in you hands.
if you drop me now I will understand.
forget about the guilt weighing you down.
mommy, please take my body, and lay it in the ground.
cause I am yours, and forever will be.
just tell me mommy,
why don't you love me?
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*TEARS* such a beautiful poem... a baby's prayer I guess...so touching...


this is great. I wish everybody knew that the unborn are innocent babies who need to be loved. Thank you for writing this. I love it.

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