Why Do you Treat Females Like That?


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Cause I deal with so much water spill Emotions
My soul makes feminine energetic Electricities run leave Kno time to reveal who's real.
So the mortal end results were zero communication
I remember when a friend of mine who sent me signs & messages via spirit conversation still to this very day it blows my mental mind. but anyways her name was Amber, so back then at degree nineteen when I was bad mouthin fantasy lovers
She let me know some valuable things for future
Verbal magnetic communications she said deshawn
If you keep calling women bitches and saying childish shit you gone start Chasin them away
Would you teach your kids to talk this way?
I replied uh kno I don't think so
I probably will not have children anyway though
Women don't like me cuz I got cerebral palsy
She said oh it's not that truth is your rude, dude And disrespectful i don't care about that. but that's life you can't help it. you we're about to have a Girlfriend, stop calling them Hoes & Talkin crazy to woman they won't feel any sorrow for you in the end. She said I love you
I said I loved her too through spiritual connection
I was so ungrateful I desired to see her lower astral projection temple . But it was something about me she admired when she departed from me with plenty of updated unasked questions,
I wonder if she is in the same dimension
Because I checked on the planet to align with her
But couldn't fine her exact extension.

Why do you treat females like that?
Why do you treat Females like that?
Why do you treat Females like that?

I was in highschool my verbal bullets was already full of amino Cool associates quickly turned into adverse rivals. shot many self created foes had my Ex companions Screamin whoa who he gonna shoot next he shot them with the riffle. moms got hot over my babbel shit talk
I told her about this girl I sought interest
In I explained to my mother how i gave her a gift then shortly afterwards I said her fuck ha life.
Mom replied man you ain't gon have no friends you most likely caring about a girl who don't give a dam about you yo
You ain't gonna have no girl. you'll be all alone beatin your dick Watchin ah porno movie on your TV set @ home i am sick in tired of hearing this ignorant shit from you
Go do you..

Why Do you Treat Females Like That?
Why Do you Treat Females Like That?
Why Do you Treat Females Like That?

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