Why Do I Write?

I write to find

To be you

To be me

I write because the words are begging to flow through me

The words need to escape

TO be free


I write to fly

And cry

And die, 

without dying, without crying, without flying, 





I write to leave

To stop the noise and the heaviness in my head

The panic ready to spill out in sobs

The fear tingling in my fingertips

I need to leave

I need to go

I'm scared to stay here

I don't know what to do 


I write to find worlds,




within myself


I write to love,

To love everything,

and everyone,

and nothing, 

and no one.


I write to care

About myself,

about my family,

my friends.

About something


I write to breathe,

to feel,

to try.

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