Why did I believe you?

You told me you didn’t have room

On your phone that was true

But even more so in your heart

So, I you asked for my number

And I handed you my heart


I texted you first

In just three hours

I felt connected to you

You never told me you were single

But I never asked either


I was excited to see you

You said you liked me

But why, when I reciprocate

Do you push me away?







You hug me

And touch me

You do it when you please

But when I want it you’re nowhere to be seen


Behind closed doors

In the dark of the cinemas

Never in the eyes of other

Especially her


I was enjoying my time





“I’m sorry” -  Read 7:07

“I lied” -  Read 7:08

“I have a girlfriend” -  Read 7:09

“sorry :p” -  Read 7:10


You never mentioned her

Not when you hugged me

Not when you took me out



I should have noticed

you ran when your friends came around

silenced me when I said your name

“god am I stupid!!”         


No, I’m not

I was naive

Sweet molasses words

Covered venomous whispers


I learned what you gave me

It wasn’t love

I know you said, “I love you”

But your love wasn’t true

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