Why Can Humans Not Get Along With One Another?

It seems to be impossible for us to live amicably with each other
The chief reason is that we do not have love in our hearts
Most people only think about themselves and their families
There really is no fellow feeling among mankind
Selfishness and haughtiness pervade the whole world
Adults display a me-first attitude, likewise children
Everybody tries to outwit and outdo others to become the best

Humans have neither patience nor understanding
A lack of the ability to reason leads to strife and contestation
We are intolerant of the idiosyncrasies of others
The ones with privilege oppress and dominate the lower classes
Peace and unity cannot exist where there is injustice
Men hate and kill one another because of politics and racism
Discord and hostility between nations continue to arise

Few people care about kindness and brotherly love
We become enemies because we differ with each other on issues
Varied religious beliefs cause a division in every society
Sad to say, friendship is contingent on agreement
A social relation that is built on hypocrisy cannot stand
We do to others the things we do not want them to do to us
Some persons are too arrogant to treat others as equals
Will humans ever be able to love one another with sincerity?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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