Why Bother?

Across the canvas

A young man leans against the wall

On the other side

Another stands confident and tall

With different religious status

Both aren’t aware of the other at all

Though both to God, are tied

The two can’t help but fall for the other


As the eraser strokes

The wall begins to fade between the two

Their chiseled faces form a smile

They reached for the other to feel if true

But society had churned their hopes

The acknowledgement and marriage was a denial

Not even help was found by both father and mother.


Even if against society

Hands held together will they always be

Their passion overpowers all prejudice

Waiting for imprisonment of their rights set free

While others accuse their actions against deity

Waiting for that official legalized bliss

Until they are allowed to say “I do” to one another.


No more space on this paper

The pencil slowly stops gliding

A picture of two men loved and happy

The artist stares at the picture, sighing

If only this artist was Cupid, a love maker

If only the world could be this sappy

But we, humans, are judgmental and prideful, so why bother?

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