Why am I so anxious?

My head is full of anxiety and I can't move.

I can't function. 
It takes over my whole body. 
My hands shake.

My whole body goes ice cold.

My speech and thoughts all jumbled up. 
My words a mumbling mess. 
I start to breath quickly. 
I'm hyperventilating now. 
I can't breath and I can feel the tears start to dwell in my eyes.

I can feel the burning sensation in my eyes as I'm crying. 
I close my eyes to calm myself down. 
I count. I try to be in control. 
I try to control my breathing,

to control my tears,

I am now in control. 
But, My head is STILL full of anxiety. 
I STILL can't move. 
I STILL can't function. 
My hands STILL shake. 
My body STILL cold. 
My speech and thoughts STILL all jumbled up. 
My words STILL a mumbling mess. 
But, I STILL returned to class within minutes. 

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