Why Am I Always The Topic?

      Why am I always the topic ? 

is it because of the determination of my imagination to reality to achieve my education ,and the motivation to be the best and never the less.

  Why am I always the topic? 

Is it because of your insecurity of yourself, the lack of motivation , and determination to fulfill your education .

  Why am I always the topic?

is it because you look at the clothes I wear at school, and just because i don't wear all that high price stuff, I'm lame , I have no sense of style , and I don't have money. When in all reality , that's not the case. 

OH! , I get it , I'm always the topic because you're not happy with yourself , so you try to make others feel unhappy too!

Well, I'm not unhappy  with myself. I'm actually proud of myself and everything I am fortunate to have and those things I'm not fortunate to have. So , instead of me always being the topic of your life, Let your determination to succeed your education , be your motivation to build your future ; That wins you respect and happiness through all temptation.



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