Why am I alive? - my question every morning answered

My name is Vincent and I’m here to write

That I’ve survived the blackout that occurred last night.

Not that I was in danger in any way

But that’s what my mind had to say.


I woke up this morning to greet and thank God

For my life he had saved from any evil plot.

For the light he had brought upon the house,

For the love he gives all that I couldn’t announce.


Some days I can also greet and thank Mom

But like yesterday, she’s where she’s paid from.

Although I sometimes miss her and call from the phone,

Most times I’m free once I get to be alone.


In all honesty, my games are what greet,

As well as the food I get to eat

Though, what I don't like, I throw out

Lastly, the time to rest about.


I wake up to see what’s on TV,

Or on Youtube and Twitch streams.

Those entertainers I live for,

I would love to see them if I wasn’t too poor.


I guess you could say that I'm a nerd

I purposefully read books the night before

To simulate leaving things off on cliffhangers

My favorite are fanfics, those are bangers.


Every day I get excited to take a shower,

Since it’s the most comfortable type of hour

Mostly it’s just more water than soap,

Because that’s what’s warm, so don’t mope.


I may not get many things done

The one true progress is my own fun!

That's what moves me when I'm on my own

But it's a different story when mom is shown.


When I wake up, It's time for me to greet her

The feelings aren't mutual, that's what I remember.

Chores, scholarships, all the same

Yet it's her appearance that keeps me sane.


When I used to be in school,

The satisfaction of grades in my opinion were cool

It didn't end up getting me into college

But I still wake up to face the challenge.


I applied for everything I could,

It always felt like I was punching wood.

But what I liked about them was the process

"What can I do better?" I always try to digest.


They may be full of many rules that are strict,

That I couldn’t read because I don’t give a crap.

Why can you make vids, why can you swear?

Though it makes me a better writer, and that is fair.


So why do I wake up? It’s not just one thing!

It can be summed up however: life. That’s how I think.

All the hardships, but all the free time.

That’s why I’m here, making words rhyme.


To build my legacy, for every person I love.

Family friends, others I can’t think of.

I’m going to school soon, to be a success

Not doing so would make life a mess.


I wouldn’t understand being suicidal,

Since life is the one true value that is vital.

Even if I try, then get a second chance,

I would redeem myself and always dance.


I don’t have many friends, or like to take a hike.

 But I’ll try to go out, and maybe ride my bike.

I wake up for the future. What does it hold?

That’s why I’m alive; To be very, very old.









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