I'll never forget that Saturday night

When time stopped, nothing was right.

A few days later, I dug deep down,

And used the courage I found

To complete a task.

This was to ask:

"Was it my fault? Something I had done?"

"No. You had no part in this, none."

"Then what happened with you? Why?"

"Don't worry about it. Don't try

To figure it out. Don't ask your mom too.

I'll be mad at you if you do."

"Mom, why don't you love dad anymore?

What are you getting a divorce for?"

"Because your dad is having an affair."

That info has always been too much to bear.

Why did he do it? Lord only knows.

I guess that's just how it sometimes goes.

Forever dissolved in the blink of an eye.

Save their marriage? He didn't even try.

How can two people who said "I do."

Say, "I despise you. We are through."?

Was it neccessary to have those screaming wars?

I've never seen all of us like this before.

Did you have to call the police?

Why can't you people create peace?

Why does my dad think I hate him? It isn't true.

I can't convince him, no matter what I do.

Some days, I wanted to end it. Who would care?

But I knew that was wrong. I wouldn't dare.

I occasionally wonder some things,

Like how can he buy her a ring?

How can he still love that cheater?

It's been eight years. We DON'T need her.

If she hadn't been there, would things be the same?

Would my mom still share my last name?

If they hadn't met, would there be this much pain?

Would we have had to go through all of that rain?

Is it possible she can be forgiven?

No. Not right now. Not while I'm still living.

I changed my mind.

It's time to put it behind



But this doesn't make the pain go away.

The scars will always be here to stay.



Child of the One True King

I've moved on now. This was my final venting before I let it all go.

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