My love

Why do you have to go

Even after all of these years

You left me to abandon

Left me to sadness

They never got to meet you

They never got to see you

At least like the way I did

After what you did

I locked myself away

Away from others

Away from this world

Why did you do what you did

Why did it all have to end

Even after all of the love we made

Even after all those castles we created

Even after creating millions of roses

You still left

I sadden every time I hear your name

It hurts everytime I sleep

Because I always know that I have dreams about you

I wish I never have to wake up

To keep on dreaming for I can see you

I wish I were in the same place as you

In the paradise life, you are living

I know you hear my words

I know you will sense my nightmares I live

I just hope that one day I will get to see you again

I wish that I can see you one time

I wish I can relive the love we had

But why did it all had to end so quickly

I will never forgive myself if I forget all of my blames for this case

Just send me a sign of why

Why did you have to go away

My love 


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