Why do people feel the need to hurt one another?We should all love one another. Why do people feel the need to stab each other in the back?Eventually, someone will have enough and crack. Why do people feel the need to make their peers feel like trash?Having someone treat you likethat can feel like a whiplash. Everyone deserves to be respected. No one deserves to be physically or mentally neglected. Why do people feel the need to lie?That is only causing trust to die. Why do people cheat? That makes people have the idea of love as bittersweet. Why do people feel the need to end lives? No one will ever do anything bad enough to deserve to die. Everyone deserves to be alive. Each person should have the chance to strive. I am so tired of the cheating and the lying, I am tired of seeing people crying. No one deserves to be alone. No one deserves to be pushed to the point where his name is on a head stone. I want everyone to love one another,Instead of hurting and killing each other. No one should have to dieEach and every person deserves the chance to fly!

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Our world


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