Why are our minds always on what we could get and not what we can give?

Demanding every time but not ready to help those in need

Making money our priority and forgetting our duty to humanity

Feeding a dog with meet, but refusing to feed those on the street

Making money valuable than life’s, building mansions and making wealth on lies….

Forgetting that God exist and watches everything,

Going against every commandment from the first to the least

please listen, don’t miss this.

The reality here is that: we need to make up those things we have break up

Everyone in life needs a backup and only God can be your anchor

Have you ever ask yourself why you’re still alive but your friends are gone?

Don’t just feel so important, because many are yet to be born

For The bible said only those who believe are called his sons

So why do we depart from the light and going against the truth

Claiming intelligence to our creator, acting like fools

Socializing science in a form that is not understood

I just wish that everyone realizes the truth dude….

But here we are with our hands fold

Trading our souls for gold

Our minds becoming cold

Every second and every minute I think of all this

I feel as if the world is done….

So make a change today, before your life gets doomed……..

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Our world
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Diana Grace

wowwwww!!! amazing

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