Why do people think

us disabled individuals

are not capable of

writing poetry?!! Why?!!



Why do people think

us disabled don't have

the mind, body, &

spirit to write poetry?!!




Why do people take

us disabled individuals 

for granted?!! Why?!!

This poem is about: 
My community


Ricky Totoki

I'm fed up of people

who take us disabled

for granted!! It's like

we're not capable of


Jan Wienen

The "disabled" are the most able ... possibly ... a matter of thought ...


They don't see us as whole. They see us as damaged and therefore incapable of

achieving what they can. I have Asperger's Syndrome (minor autism), and I've been

writing poetry all my life to cope. If anything, we are more capable. We can write about

what our lives are like for a purpose. To spread awareness or to just make people shut

the hell up and listen. Mentally or physically disabled, we are all capable of poetry.

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