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They say all good things must come to an end,

but why?

Why can’t I hold on to the good things?

Why can’t I be happy forever?

Why must everything I’ve earned be stripped away?

I ask these questions as i cry myself to sleep.

Asking why can’t I always have the sweet moments we share?

Why can’t everything go my way?

Why must you leave?

Why do I love you?

Your walk

Your Talk

Your laugh

Your smile.

Since I can’t hold onto these things,

I will always keep the memories.

But why can’t I hold onto them?



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Very true and real


Alan watts once said at a seminar that if we hold onto something to tightly we will smother it.  You own those memories the only thing that can take them from you now is time. I encourage you to continue to pour your feelings out onto paper or this website. 

Good job by the way

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