I refuse to live by the standards that our generation has put in place

everyone wants to be cool and not just another face

everybody wants to be liked and have friends

and everyone wants to be in on the new trends

but when are the people you hurt more important than being popular


Why is it that people today judge more by appearance then by what's on the inside

who cares what someone looks like?

what truly matters is who the person is

just because someone dresses weird or may be fat

doesn’t mean everyone else can walk all over them like a mat


And why has our messed up generation made drugs and alcohol part of daily life

or what about the kids that are so depressed that every night they use a knife

because there family was at the wrong place at the wrong time when the underage drunk driver came

why do people like to get drunk

when the next morning they wake up in a random bunk

you may have a good time for a while

but what about the next day when you're miserable and you feel vile


And why do people enjoy getting high

its just an escape for someone who barely gets by

but when its done all the emotions and hurt come back


and what about the people that just do it for fun

you might be messing your life up permanently

because one day you might find yourself staring at the wrong end of a gun


And what happened to good grades and high scores on test

what happened to always trying to do your best

school isn't teaching is how to grow up and be thugs

so why is it a place where we can go to get drugs

Why will we let our values fall because we want to hang with a certain crowd

this generation is more worried about what their friends think,

than about making their parents proud


and what we do now

will affect us until the day we’re dead

and what we do now

is what we’re going to think about on our deathbed

And no one wants to look back and see a life

that was lived with constant depression and strife

why would we want to live a life

that on our deathbed we will regret

when our last wish

is wanting to hit reset

so we should start living a life

that we would look back on with pride…


I refuse to change

to be someone im not

I refuse to act like a fool

so I can be popular and cool


I refuse to act like everyone else

and you should too

I wish someone would get a clue

our generation

is molded out of anger and desperation

our generation

is headed in the wrong direction


so why can’t it be our generation

that changes it...


Steven Stevens

This poem is about: 
Our world


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