Why is loved hated?
Why is being a man and loving one
Why is being a woman and loving one
Why are thousands of teens dying because loving someone is ashamed?
Why are hundreds hiding behind a mask?
Love is not a physical object
Love can not be treated.
Why is Love a free bug
That bites those who Are near?
If all it brings is pain and tears?
Why are people fighting what can not be won?
Denying what's right in front of them?
If a man lays with a man under a bite
That brings no harm, why is it viewed wrong?
When a woman kisses that of the same,
Why is it alright for a man to watch and say no?
When will one live without fear, without tears, and scars?
When will the people rest happily next to those who bring joy?

I must apologies now.
i sadly do not have the answers.

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