Living in a single floor home in a place called Chiraq
All the gang violence and rapes is what gets people pushed back
But why
Why did you have to beat her and leave her out in the cold, the poor little girl is in a coma her parents hoping she can still grow old
But why
Why does her family have to suffer for your disgusting actions, 
You see, she was walking in a "SAFE" pathway near Prosser, but who was there? No one
No one to defend her from this monster 
News cast coming to capture this tragic event
14year old girl,rape, chicago, the end?
But it wasn't the end it was just the beginning 
The beginning to get justice for this little girl , jenny
It's 6:30 in the morning, poor girl never saw it coming 
But why
Was it really worth seeing her whole family suffer and cry
While you live your life Just hoping and praying this little girl doesn't die
But why
Why do this from the start? You're just another nobody with a cold blooded heart
But why 
Why do her family and I hope you don't die but locked up ?
I'll tell you why
Because regret will be the only thing reminiscing poor Jenny's life
Because karma will come around when your sitting in that jail cell , 
So just remember why.


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