The question I have is why?

The sensation of pleasure is so tempting

and temptation is so craving

A man can take what he wants and be called a man

but when a woman- a sensual, intellectual woman does 

the same,  she is called something other then her name

Angry fills thos hurting heart and frustration falls within 

these numbing tears


The question I have is why?

I came from a heritage of royalty 

Spoiled with diamonds, pearls, and rubys 

A phenomenal woman is what they call me 




but media says different 


The question I have is why?

Sensual and sexual I am but I'm also creative and intelligent

I am more then just my thighs and my hips 

But will a man ever see me? Me... the real me

Naw... all they see are physical assets and say "get on your knees"...

Wondered why things were this way 

So I ask ...Will things change? or will things stay the same.


I'm still asking why?





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