Who's She?

She walks down the hall.

Looking down, not meeting eyes.

She sits in the front of the classroom,

Looking like she's paying attention,

But day dreaming about things she can only imagine.

People wonder,

What she's doing,

Where she's going,

What she's thinking,

And the girls only thinking about the past

How many times she has been hurt.

The number of times shes been beaten

The amount of people that walked out, with no goodbye.

People say don't let your past effect your feelings today.

But what if your past controls today, and tomorrow.

Like someone else is controlling your every move.

You're the game on the screen

People have the joystick wrapped around their thumbs

Making you do stuff and think stuff you don't want

So you fight back,




You keep fighting those "demons" that infliltrate your days

But when one goes away, another one seems to appear.

Sometimes you want to let them win

But then you realize you're in so much more control

She's stronger than appeared.

Give her a battle,

She'll win the war.

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