Who's Right ???

Everbody wants us to listen to their advice !

But lets be real who's to say you are right ?

Things you agree on to do what if isnt ment for my type ?

Because we all are lookin out for our little light 

and we plan to shine bright thru the help of education

But we struggle to get help for recommadation 

Then the dream act doesnt help out our situation 

where is the board of education ?

But let a school fight reach our phone they would take it away

and search it for their own evaluation 

Then try to make us feel humilation 

Trying to make scences in class because you think you are adminstration 

our teacher today struggle with their own foundation 

thats why our school systems are getting poor and poor no communication

But if we do too much of that with our teacher you will think " fornication" 

We students just trying to make it to college and fullfill our occupation

But American has it's good and bad demostration 

with rappers and entertainers all acting like no brainers

But what we had notice in school life their are alot of complainers

They can never leave things where they are at 

that's why America is like our school systems tied up "Plats"


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