Who's Lost children?

Vulnerable groups



At dawn there is a voice,

A whisper like at my doorstep

I come out, but no one is there

Right on my backward,

A child like cry is heard

Again I turn…


Only to find a baby in a dusty bin!

Wrapped in a news paper

So who’s lost baby?

Where are his parents?

Oh! Whose lost child’ abandoned?


As they walk in the streets,

They are like bees at a beehive

Busy and concentrating

Serious and bent double

Picking up left over from bins

Crazy like children, in rags
in dirty rags!

All run together, to share

A match box size of smelly bread

I ask myself where their parents are.

Who’s lost children in the streets?

Like vendors and mentally disturbed people


In physical appearance,

Half human –half creatures

They are in poverty in terms of both

Food, hygiene and social support

Oh! Those children in rural areas

Living in hovels and squatters


At one corner, there is a noisy dialogue

Abandoned, neglected children

From polygamous families

Like Hitler’s army

Crying, fighting for…

A hot colorless soup in a saucepan


I blame the society

I blame their parents

For uncaring and treason


Oh! Who’s lost children?




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
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Thank you for sharing this powerful work. Interesting that it matched Maya Angelou in the poetry genome.


good and amazing

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