Dear Failure,


You have impacted many lives

You have changed the world

Causing people to laugh and to cry

It depends on first impressions

Whether fire grows or whether it dies

Some people give you credit

While others say that you lied

But I do know this

You have caused a lot of sighs

They say, “not again”

When the results reach their eyes

And soul searching begins

When these brakes thwart their drive

But all it takes is a shift

To get back up to speed

Cause the problems you create

Have turned into a need

Now they can carry on

From the fuel they received

The choice had to be made

Whether to fail or to succeed

Because of you

They became who they wanted to be

It was unconsciously chosen

When they decided to fight or to flee

Though they may overlook it now

They will soon begin to see

That their goal was locked

And their response to you was key

You and Edison talked a lot

10,000 times from what I hear

Before you finally sparked his light

Which shocked the world and made it clear

That Edison changed our lives

And brought the future from far to near

Imaginations began to soar

Because of what you did with him

An example of an opposite reply

Cannot be found ‘cause they are slim

People often aren’t remembered

For throwing the towel in

It’s those that fight because of you

That our memories they win

So the question we all must pose

Is whether you’re foe or friend?

But as for me, I choose to be

Your friend till all shall end.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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