The moment that I met you I was yours from the start

You gave an irregular beat to my heart

Not only your beauty, but your aura was bright 

Then I heard you sing, and I knew I was right.


If we never be together, if ever timings wrong

I will always remember you singing that song

You were who I needed, the one that was right

And I thought about you every night.


Only a lake separated us, that much is true.

I’d swim an ocean if it meant seeing you.

We were so young, I was so naive

I should have told you what you needed to receive


So unaware of how u made me feel

Should have taken a risk, but time let that heal.

The way we connect makes me want to forget

The past, the mistakes, all my regret


For the first time I want to try

To have you in my life, to be by your side

And I know it’s a risk, should you not feel the same

But I’d rather know now, then to face the shame


Of not trying, not risking, what I believe you deserve

To be praised for who you are, to find my nerve

13000 mile away and I’ll never forget

The fire to my heart you set


From your tattoo, you eyes, your smile too

I’d sing everyday to serenade you.

My voice is rough, a little unused

You give me the courage to sing to you


If you sing back, my life is worth living.

If not, than a lesson to me you’ll be giving.

But at least I’ll try, leave it all on my sleeve

Should we try and fail, you still will succeed.


For if it’s not my love you need in this life

Someone more deserving will make you a wife.

I wish you the best, and happiness too

And I’ll never regret how I feel about you.

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