For Whom the Sun Favors

Like a behest muted in hushed tones,
Callisto’s eyes wandered on the distant stars shown.
Her eyes drift slowly to a body resembling a distant star,
And thus is remembered of the Cytherean visage;
A bright object that hath rested afar,
Whose ghostly vision now nothing more but a mirage.




“Near their creation, I drifted this dust-filled sea,
And watched beauty fade, and souls come to be.
But none more bright than Sun on Cytherean sea,
Chosen and held there instead of me.
O' beloved amber orb, shielded by the might of his light,
As I became scarred in the shadows of perpetual night!
When both awakened and their glances fell upon me,
I was detested and exiled to the outer Jovian seas!
Even as I waited to feel dear Sun again,
An unnatural coldness had already entered mine skin.”




This vision now fades
From moonlit shade,
Atop the crest of Jovian seas!


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