To whom I've never met; You died too soon, so young.


I see the happiness and the joy you once brought to others. I can’t help but always tear up and feel this sudden overwhelming sadness when I see pictures of you or when I read the kind words others say with much love. It takes an emotional toll on me when I feel all this energy of love and sorrow from your fellow peers. It hurts me to recognize that physically you are not present on earth, but we all know that your vitality and your passion still grows on others.

You’re influential. Your mind and thoughts were inspiring. You saw the best in others, which is rare to find in someone but you were different. You were the person that everyone admired. Your voice were for those that could not speak, which is why through music you expressed your beliefs.

You were an amazing spirit that’s been lost but found in a better world. Truly it brings minds to peace knowing that you’re safe. We as human beings cling onto your physical self but eventually we will be there right next to you getting to know you once more…laughing, sharing stories, writing lyrics, or making music.

The nature of your death reminds us that with time, we will continue to live with reasoning and logic. We are here to heal. Along the way, we sense that you are guiding us, reminding us that this is not the end.

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