To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern,

Actually, you’re the one that should be concerned.

I would say your name but even when I call on your name

You still don’t listen.

As you can see, I’m angry.

My fists ball up like the Arthur meme

And I can’t stand you anymore.

You, however, never leave my mind.

I wish for the times we had

To go back in time

So I can relive them again.

You’re literally my equal,

But what we had

I know it will never be a sequel.

Nothing will be the same

If you come back to my life again.

I wished you would have told me your thoughts

Before you dragged through this relationship

Leaving me with thoughts

I just thought


What we have will be forever.

But I guess it will take

45 cries, I mean minutes!

To get back together.  

KIT, (Keep In Touch)

Your Stine


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