A Whole New World

Down the jaded, dusty road to the west,
Clouds form coalitions with no lassitude,
And white billows transcend beyond the dark ones,
Occult behind the density of the precursors of a transformation.

Thrashing winds expedite an oncoming threat,
An interloper on the sangfroid of the peacefulness,
Callow but progressing towards the present,
Preparing to disrupt the natural events of an environment.

From the dark puffs elicits a surprising, inadvertent happening,
And the pounding thunder comes along, with no hiatus,
As if nodding in approbation towards the idea of this occurrence,
Letting the precipitation fall, touching the floor of Earth within seconds.

And the moist droplets permeate the rich soil,
Letting miniature rivers simulate a larger one,
As the streams pass through the cracks and dips in the ground,
And form a whole new world within themselves.

The leaves bounce as their weight is augmented,
While the tenuous ones dance to the ground after taking on too much,
But where they will land and where the water will flow
Is noncommittal, as the circuitous paths lead them to entire new lands.

And the clouds pass by, ascribing their quick pace to the winds,
Rain softening, giving out its last remains,
As the stringent yet beautiful remnants are left behind,
Leaving their mark on the epitome of nature’s powers.

Then the creatures stir and peek about,
Knowing it is all just the same,
A hackneyed example of a common occurrence,
They prepare to expiate the changed parts of their lives.

And they all come together, never abominating a new adventure,
Getting past their differences to join in acculturation,
To work as a team to continue on with their lives,
Meritorious in their abilities to support their world.

But as the winds travel east,
Further and further away from this new place,
The previously lurid surprise of a transition,
Takes a new meaning of the amelioration of nature’s works.

Because while the happening is long gone,
But the aftermath is still present,
This episode shows the prerogative of a power,
The power of nature doing its job to preserve a land below.


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