(W)hole Me

A sick bliss, bubbling

Spilling out over me

Staining and settling

In holes, in the cracks

All the locked in got out

Now it’s boiling out

Now it’s staining and settling

In holes, in the cracks


My ridges of skin

Blistered from the sun

Repaired by my salve

A salve from my mouth

A salve from my heart

Stomach, and below

Repairing my body

Refilling my holes


Fill me up from the inside

Wash away all this outside

This outside ain’t me

It ain’t what I am

Refurbish my outside

With what I find inside

This outside, it ain’t me

This outside, it ain’t


A mimic skin stretched thin

Across a failed vestibule

A real boy lacquered thick

By his fear, fear and pride

Unlocking the inside

A word and its half rhyme

The key, opening me

And letting me shine


Pick me up, my lips

My pick-me-up wordsmith

Myself, as my words kiss

Myself on the mouth

The one understanding

And holding my hand

As I kiss my own word lips

And sleep comfortably


A half a man, silently

Twice, as he’s writing

Three times when singing

A whole, not a hole

To speak what’s within me

To see what I’m feeling

To share how I see me

A whole, not a hole

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