Who You Are


Why does the world create such a stereotype for society

Preventing me from being ME.

The world has changed my surrounding environment

Making it harder and harder to even live in it

The expectations of our image

Change before we even finish.

Finish the race that we didn't want to enter,

It was not our idea to become a competitor.

But we were put here. On this earth to make a difference.

To go against the incompetence.

God made each and everyone of us,

To push ahead through the dust, and reveal his grace.

The grace that granted US eternal life.

He meant for us to travel through the strife,

In order to stand up and strive forward.

To provide that living image for others

To reveal the path of becoming true believers.

We all do things that aren't right,

But that doesn't mean that we still can't catch sight

Of any good things that we can find,

Because we are all perfect in His mind.

You are not your age, or the name that you right down on a page.

You are not the determined by the size of clothes you wear,

Or whether your skin is dark or fair.

You are the laughter in your happiness, and the smiles in your joy

And the pink blush on your cheeks when you see a cute boy.

You're every tear that has fallen and you're the things that you believe in.

You are the songs that you sing, when you are in a quiet surrounding.

But when did we decide to dictate our lives

By what is seen through the devil's eyes?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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