Who Will Stand By Me


I see you,

Standing by my side.

Waiting to catch me when I fall.

Ready to help me out. 

We all act as if we united

We are one

We are powered

But how united are we?

How are we one when we fight against one another 

and not for each other?

How are we powered when we try to bring down the person standing next to us?

There are no brothers

No "let me help you out."

But we all jump to break someone

Make them feel worthless

But we don't realize we need these people in the end.

Who will be there to console us?

The people we call our friends

Won't be here til the end

The masks they wear

To hide their true reason

To bring us down

Make us alone 

But when we die

What will it matter.

There will be no us

No we 

There will only be......




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