Who Will Hear?

Wed, 06/04/2014 - 21:03 -- g_guava

We all write for someone

One for a parent

One for a grandparent

One for the sibling 

One for the next generation

And another for the past generation


I'd like to write

For someone to hear

A parent

A grandparent

A sibling 

The next generation


But who will hear?

When I am long expired

And my flame has gone out

Who will read?

Who will care?


Will a mother read?

Will a grandparent listen?

Will the sibling read?

Will the next generation even care?


Who will read?

Who will care?


Maybe a mother will

Maybe a grandparent will

Maybe a sibling will

Maybe the next generation will

Lets not kid ourselves-

The past generation won't


But maybe

Just maybe

The one to care is me

Maybe I need to read

To listen

To hear


And finally to act

To be the mother who cares

The grandparent who listens

The sibling who reads

The generation to care

And to dream of the words

That the next generation will write

For me





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