This Is Who We Are


We’ve seen death.

We’ve experienced what the clueless would call “murder”.

We’ve felt every emotion possible

After that trigger was pulled,

Or that arrow was released.

The others, they don’t understand,

They will never understand.

Perched in their high chairs like vultures,

Picking peskily at the passion in our bones

Trying to devour all our devoted marrow.

But we will never surrender,

And although our numbers may be few

We Are Strong.


Whether it be sitting in a blind, oak, sage bush

 Or treading uncharted lands risking life and limb,

We’re all after the same ultimate goal.

The thrill, the passion, the excitement, the love

Of not only nature but the creatures that inhabit it.

It is not the kill that intrigues us, it never has been,

But the yearning for new knowledge and the time spent with loved ones,

Sharing stories of the past and hopes for the future,

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city

And connecting with who you really are.

That is what unites us, that is why we do what we do.

Call it what you may but this is the unvarnished truth,

This is a glimpse into the misinterpreted life of what makes me who I am,

This is the life of Hunters.

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