Who We Are

We are capitalist slaves with broken dreams.

The red and white are now meaningless streams,

and the stars no more etched seams

on a flag that sells deceit as equality.


No need to quote our anthem's wrongs.

With its talk of an independence song

for a people who murdered to become strong,

and belittled those they stole for labor.


To this day, we devise the truth.

Using media images to corrupt the youth

into believing our words are smooth,

while we rip their hearts from their chest.


Here, you can find despair in high places.

We promise happiness to worn faces

yet fool your minds until you lie wasted,

and drowning while we add more weights.


To think us great, reveals a shadow over your lenses.

We are but numbers on a grand census

that only attends to those with limited offenses,

and they who can afford the price tag of privilege.


But hey, what does my opinion matter?

To those at the top, this is but glass to shatter

Or perceived ramblings of a child to scatter.

I may not know much, but I do know this.


There is one way our nation can change.

We all, need to reflect critically on our deranged

belief that we are okay in this firing range

of old stereotypes, and unforgiven prejudice.


We are a reflection of the words we speak

to each other, and the result of the critiques

we give to those who declare themselves unique.

Why must we reject the effects of our diversity?


I am no greater, but can see the mistake

in the way I might approach those who make

their statement from the shores of passions wake.

Their courage is a reminder of our relation…


If we do not lift the veil that blinds our perspective,

then we will remain slaves to histories ignorance.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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