Who is she?

Sat, 12/06/2014 - 22:00 -- agreen9

WIthout the filters,

Without the perfect lighting,

Who is that girl?


She looks hidden by makeup

Or the facade of social media,

But who is that girl?


She is an intelligent and hard-working girl. 

She embraces her beauty and is so confident.

That girl.

That girl. 

You have to know that girl.


There's so much more below the surface,

As you peel away at each layer,

You'll be surprised at what you find...

A girl who was once broken by the stereotypes of her time.


Being independent and speaking properly

Made her different from the rest

As she brushed away the tears

That ran down her face. 


What no one knew was that this girl was different. 

She stopped caring about what others said,

Stopped listening to the irrational judgements

About her tone of voice and the skin they think she should've been in.


She stayed confident 

Never changing who she was...

Despite the doubters, haters, bullies--- all of them.

Still she remained herself. 


So when you see that picture,

Know that there's more to the story...

About the girl behind the filter...

Or #NoFilter..

That girl is me.


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