Who is this man?

Long mellow strides carry him along the shiny tile floors, with the bright warming sun burning through the slits of the curtains.  A new day is brought upon us.  Another day for the rockstar's guitar to wake up the neighborhoods with it's booming, echoing notes.  With each flowing melody, the endless troubles of the world may rest in peace.  

Abolish the pessimism, and let the hanging stained-glass "peace" poster restore tranquility amongst those whose hearts are overwhelmed with hate.  A hanging poster portraying two beautiful women establishes his comfortability, and certainty.  

A lengthy dresser with multiple trophies, begging the question who is this man? He must be athletic, with many awards to showcase.  With a long revealing mirror to display his thin brown hair, heart-stopping hazel eyes, and the tall, muscular body he uses to strut around with confidence.  

With many different enticing and blending aspects, this man must be extraordinary.  Bring me this man so that his mysterious character will at last be revealed.  

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