Who To Love

There’s no greater joy than to be in love

First love, that is

He took me so high, we soared miles above

There was no greater comfort than in his kiss


This boy told me that he loved me

He said we’d be forever

That I was his one and only

He promised we’d build our life together


This boy said “I love you” and broke my heart

Tore it to pieces and burned it

It took me forever to find my fresh start

And learn that first loves ain’t shit


I learned it wasn't real love

I learned that I was scared

I gave him more than I was able to give

And he didn’t give me one care


But this boy, he didn’t break me

He didn’t kill my soul

Yes, he left me bruised and weak

But I found myself a new goal


I learned to accept me at my worst

I learned to be kind to myself

Because you have to learn how to love yourself first

Before you can love someone else


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