Who knows.

That word is funny,
For it can mean many things.
It could mean the returning,
Of honor.
Of friendship.
Of faith.
Or of love.
And to some it could have a different meaning.
Who knows.
I dont.

But the question is,
Do we have anything to redeem?
Are we just lost to the cogs of life?
Or do we have a set path that will lead us to paradise?
Who knows.
I dont.

Lost is only a word,
That describes the wandering.
But, are they truly lost?
Or do we just think they are.
Are they hopeful,
When there may not be hope?
Are they truthful,
When there is no truth?
Who knows.
I dont.

I do know this,
To me these things are,


What matters the most,
Is the journey.

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