Who knows


Come on around august they burn the rice fields down .

The haze  hangs on the horizon for an indeterminate time .

Whether it’s going to rain or get the wind to blow , who knows?

Enjoy the sun as it sets and mosquitos stick to your neck .

Orange fire over the banana trees it’s quite the site . Purple haze as the sun disappears .


That’s where I was , hanging onto wisdom at the end of the world . There was some reason that my American Flag lay unfurled . A combo whorehouse and opium den . If they’d feed me there’d be no reason ever to leave again . I’d left and had no plans on coming back ..... it was all too violent and weird ... A common stiff couldn’t say jack . The 1 percenters had taken it all .


So , she was my country and now I’m gone .

She was my country , I don’t want to belong .

Fighting for the wrong reasons .

The devil with his slight of hand .

I love who she was ... but she’s gone as am I . 

Lemmings from both sides falling off of cliffs ... I’m wondering if on the way down they’ll realize the subtlety’s they missed .x


Maybe it’s alright ? These ones seem to fit tight . My memories are haunted .... I think that’s what was wanted .  The pipe does it’s job and always takes me away . There’s an unlimited supply and I haven’t been asked to leave . Gonna play heaven and all the good stuff I wanted all in my head . If it gets rehearsed right I’ll believe myself before I’m dead .


They’ll ask what was left behind and it obviously wrecks my heart . They don’t ask again if they want to keep the part . I’m like a new Christian that found a different way to pray . A change in expectations . Life was chock full of delays . I gave up on the flesh and blood that was the tragedy . Took it in LA for over a quarter century .   Now it’s the twilight and I like it with a twist . Like a new boy waiting for that first kiss .


I knew thirty years ago that something had to give . It cost too much for a burrito where I lived. Couldn’t pay the rent for a place without bars . Yeah it broke me early to my lasting shame . I’m actually proud as fuck at what I’ve became . Seeing the dance and not getting the steps .  Going left never getting right . I’m gonna go sleep it off and nevermore be tight .



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