Who I Used To Know

I used to know you,

before you became cruel to me.

You were nice,

full of pure joy.

Your smile was so bright.

I saw hope in your eyes.


I see hatred in your eyes.

Hollowness in your heart,

so broken yet so black.

It tears me apart,

the words you speak about me.

Cuts like a knife.

How you talk about my sexuality,

like its a sin to be who I am.

How you damaged me through the years,

still doesn't compare to my heart you so happily killed.

Oh, how you've ripped me apart since middle school.

Seniors in high school, still you bad mouth me.

This is for you,

the one I used to know.





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This poem is about me and the enemy, and thinking that she would have my back forever. Hope ya'll luv it.

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