Who I Really Am








Live through

The wrong.


I might cry.

That's not why.

Go to Hell

When I die?


I tell no one

I'm not open

Not a bad son

Guess just chosen.




Oh my God, this is

So perpetual


I just try to avoid

Reactions of people

The church and the steeple

Since they think its evil.


Love thy neighbor as thyself?

And to that they say amen?

Love can cover our sins?

Yet my love can't be the same?


That's not accepted; rejected.

Always seem to be neglected.

Not expected, still elected.

And my life is not respected.


Not a disorder! Not a disease!

Now try to accept it with some ease.

All I am saying is please, please, please.

I guess not everyone will appease.


Hey! Stay! Don't go away! This is my way.

Oh, I'm only born gay. Okay, life's gray.

This day you can't pay to change disarray.

Don't pray the gay away, that's how I play.


With all the confusion and all the exclusion,

Ill just have a fusion in my mind pollution.




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