Who I Am; Who I Want to Be


When i close my eyes, i am not me.

On any night in particular i am someone else

When i close my eyes, i’m different than what you see

my name changes,

so does my hair color,

so does my height,

so does my confidence-

i often meet people i really do know;

in my alter-ego

Whether i know them from a distance

or whether i know their heart,

we meet

They see who i wish i was

and who i would like to be.


In these dreams i do things that i have always

wanted to do.

i speak the unspoken truth from a set of borrowed lips

i do not tremble in my word,

and people just love what i have to say

i feel steady and confident

when i am not actually me,

and things always work out for her

So, every night

i wish i was my other self

And i am, when i close my eyes

and drift away.


In my deepest unconsciousness,

in the heaviest of slumber;

i am somebody else.


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