This is WHO I am



                       This is not where I belong

Sitting behind a desk

When my hands crave for more

Wanting and needing to create spectacular dishes

Things your mind could not even imagine

With ingredients you can not pronounce

This is not me

Sitting in a class room

Towards a degree I have little to none interest in

Fiddling and mindlessly sitting there

When I could be learning how to plate and create

Forced into this mold my parents thought fit

Trying to be the NORMAL “college kid”

But sadly this is not me

I've tried and have failed at this life.

But I know who I am and I know where I belong

I belong in a buzzing city

Where everywhere you walk you are overwhelmed with the smell

The smell of food that will make your mouth water for more

I belong in a kitchen

A kitchen where I am apart of the staff
Sweating and running

Trying to plate your dish beautifully

I am a creator

designing cakes that will calm even the scariest bridezillas

I am an imaginer

Paring strange and exoctic ingredents together

I will be a pastry chef

Plating and making many smile by the joy of what's happening to their taste buds.

Making many happy and creating memories with my desserts.

I am proud to say that I do not fit in

That's who I am and who I want to be.

A creator. An imaginer. A pastry chef.



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