Who I am

Mon, 07/09/2018 - 12:21 -- Jas23

They say black women are the backbone of the country...

but you would never want to be me.

I am the "mean girl" in the classroom. The one who always has an attitude.

The one with no control of her unruly hair.

The one with the fully blossomed body.

 The dumb one. The quiet one. The boujie one.

The one that's only queer because it's the newest ''trend."

The drama lover. The baby mama.

I am whoever this country has labeled me to be, and you know what's funny?

Everyone believes it. 

Sometimes, even me.


But no. 

I am the radiant black girl with the fierce and strong soul of a lion. 

My skin, my hair, and my body are like the holy trinity of my being, and I refuse to be ashamed of it. 

I am shy but confident.

Nice but real.

closed off but friendly.

A walking contridiction.

I look for courage, kindness, and love amongst other things in a person.

Gender never mattered to me. 

My name is a flower and much like it, I am beautiful.

I am light, I am strong, and I am a feminist.


If you open your heart, eyes, and mind, you'll realize that I always have been,

and always will be more than a stereotype.

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