This is Who I Am

It’s like today I can’t be happy

With people trying to find a way to hurt me

Suffering from the pain, knowing I’m insecure

With a face full of rain and no confidence for sure

Doubting myself because of their words

Pouting on a shelf from what I heard,

But now I see what I can be

Learning to open my wings and be free

Done mourning, and won’t let nothing stop me


This is my life.


Seems like you can’t achieve

With all these haters, cause they just won’t leave

What they say is to bring you down

To find a way to take your crown

Cause you are royalty, and they wanna be you

But I guess that fee is just due

From the hate it may take awhile

But it is fate to see you smile


This is my life.


You tell me to ignore them but what more can I take

I'm fighting this war feeling like I'm about to break

Y’all did the damage

But I have to find my own bandage

Sick and tired of it, making my emotions go on a rampage

Am I too much, or not enough

Cause there's no love, or maybe it's just tough

I gotta hide this pain

But it's hard once it hits the vain

It all stays on my heart like stains

They can't see the struggle

So they think i'm humble

But wanna laugh the second I slip up and stumble


This is my life.  


I wanna be better

I’m trying to be greater

But no one is worth more than my creator

Why should I change for those who don't matter

Haters aren’t the ones who I should flatter

Its me, myself, and I

So I won't be compelled by the lies

Cause they’re the ones that wanna see me die

I'm ready to prove you all wrong

You don't need to approve because I am strong

I'm done being walked over

I’m not gonna run and this is my disclosure

But don't be stunned when I move further


This is my life. This is who I am

And I won’t let no one get in my way

So they can keep trying but I will stay

I will be myself, cause this is who I am

I will shine bright, cause this is who I am

You can’t judge me, cause this is who I am


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