Who I am.

Well me, i am no one.

no one special.

no one perfect.

no one worth a damn.


a contradiction


no words can describe or explain

who i am

you would just have to see


no pictures or icons

can pin-point me


no categories or classifications


but i know who i am.

i know what i deserve.

i know what im capable of.

i know my limits.

yet i know nothing at all.


i'll let you beileve what you want about me

and if you don't bother to ask if true or not directly

then i don't bother to correct

its not worth the hassle


i am blind to

what life is worth.

what it could bring.

i have the slightest idea.


but pain

pain is something i know

not as much as the next

yet not as least as the last

and with all my pain has come


within myself


i am just a simple girl

who wishes for the world.

wishes the world

could see who she is

not what she is

and judge her for the way she looks.


i'm a girl that is afriad of so much,

yet will stand up to any

to prove


i'm a girl that wishes

someone will love her one day

for all her flaws

more flaws then measurable.


beneath the make up

the smile

i'll still always be me

whoever that may be



We each are fighting to be seen

Someone else from what they glean

These covers that we all make up

They're all fake

Just parts we play up

But deep inside there's more to us

But sometimes it's ourselves that we've got to trust

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