Who I am


I hate war

There is nothing good about it

Because we become the guinea pigs

The soldiers of what politicians despise

I love nature, 

It's mystery

It's beauty

It warms my heart

And gives me a feeling of pure ecstacy

Because all the life crawling, breathing.

Nature lives just as humans live.

Rivers flow, just as blood flows

Tree's grow just as humans grow.

My family is everything
When they are sad

I feel sad

I can't function if they can't

But when they laugh

I laugh with them.

Their lives  are tied

their souls bound

to my very heart .

I live for people to be happy

It's who I am

who I always will be.

Sure I make mistakes,

I can be selfish,

But I care for those in need,

I feel for those who are hurting,

and that's the way I will be

till death decides to take that away from me.



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