Who I Am


It's a mystery to tell, 
A story that swells, 
compresses deep inside of life, 
of the majority that tries to do right, 
but Who am I, 
something you can figure out, 
talk to me, 
and one day my true colors will sprout, 
and you will see the real me, 
the one who goes up and beyond deep, 
The one who moves on, 
it's not love I seek, 
not at the moment at least, 
I am lyrical poet, 
The deepest you'll find, 
dark deep secrets lies way behind, 
the past of what I been through, 
pain, love and sorrow, 
these girls don't want me, it's something they want to borrow, 
I don't know what it is, but they must not know i'm myself, 
i'm no boy you ever met, im just nobody else, 
don't get me confused, 
And don't tell these lies, 
How many times i have to ask, 
Who Am I.... 


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