Who I Am?


Letme tell you the unfiltered version of myself

Screw society's standards

Screw the government

Screw dollar signs getting in the way of my education.

I'm one pissed off chick.


I may not be insta famous

or have huge tits

or be a size zero

but screw those standards they want me to live up to. 

Yes I am ok with being invisible yall.


Yeah I ain't pretty

I aint't that smart either.

But I'm a chick who is always the authentic version

of myself.

I'll tell ya straight up.


I'm not scared to speak my mind

I'm not scared to call you out

I don't have a filter on what I say

or what I wear.

The real me is all the time

and the real me is pissed.


I'm pissed how I'm seen as

a number.

In school, I'm ranked as 233

in clothes, I'm a size 2

in SAT scores, I'm 1470.


Can't yall see I am so much more that that?

I'm one determined little bad ass

Yeah I make poop load of mistakes 

and may not have the highest GPA,

but I know what I want in my life 

and I ain't planning to stop.


What's the authentic side of me?

Heck if I know. All I do know is

this homegirl needs to get her butt into the college of her dreams.









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