Who Ever You May Be


Eyes gaze Deeper, Breath gets heavier

Lustful thoughts have arisen, Uncontrollable urges appear.

Eyes lock from a distance, caused by an unknown force

A moment forever wanted, is finally taking it's course.

As we get closer, our hearts begin to race

Two unfamiliar hearts, one syncronized beat.

Beating as if they've always been connected

Though just about to meet.

Quivering hands touch one another

Locking fingers intertwine

Holding tightly, as if they were to never let go

Feelings that have never been felt, spring up and grow,

Eyes, Feeling, Emotion

Speak on their own

Not one word is uttered

All that is needed to be said is shown.

The gentlest touch that can be felt, proves itself perfect

Filling skin with rose red.

Both sides collide into eachother

A hold hardened to rift

A feeling so heavy and secure

Though light enough to lift

Before lips even join, each side is left breathless

And when they meet, each mind is left senselss.

The vision fades

And turns into the hopeful premenition of the day, that you'll melt in my arms

Who ever you may be.



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